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Meet Raksha Gopal CBSE Topper 2017 Scored 99.6% in Class 12th in Political Science

Written by Shubham Nagar

Raksha Gopal CBSE Topper

Raksha’s elder sister Prerna Gopal says that although Raksha is known today for scoring 99.6% in her boards, she is much more than just that. “She has completed five levels in electric keyboard from a Delhi based institute affiliated with Trinity College of Music, London and she has also completed C1 grade in French from Alliance Francaise. My sister is multi-talented,” says 20-year-old Prerna.

Gopal told CNN-News18 that she knew she would do well in the examination but did not expect to top the board. Gopal said, ”I still can’t believe the result, my aim was to do well in the exams, I did not expect to top the board”. CBSE declared the results for Class 12th after uncertainty prevailed for over a week leaving students anxious. Noida girl Raksha from Amity International School, Noida topped CBSE Class XII exam with 99.6 per cent marks – she got 100 pct in English Core, 99 pct in History, 100 pct in Political Science, 100 pct in Economics and 99 pct in Psychology. Bhumi Sawant De from DAV Chandigarh secured the second position with 99.4% and Aditya Jain from Bhawan Vidyalaya Chandigarh came third with 99.2%.

Speaking to CNN-News18 Raksha said that the perception of humanities as a non-productive field is not true. Gopal, who studied at Amity International School in Noida, says that she has applied to the Delhi University (DU) and that she wants to pursue Political Science. Gopal said, ”I have applied to Delhi University and a few other universities, but my plan is to get admission into the Delhi University and pursue Political Science (Honours)”

In an interview to India Today, Raksha said that while studying her focus was on quality and not on quantity. Raksha also said that students who did not score well in the board exams shouldn’t be disheartened. Raksha said, ”This is only an exam, don’t lose heart”.

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said. ”I congratulate all those students who were successful in CBSE’s Class XII board exams”. The minister also said that the students who did not succeed in the examination must not lose hope, according to an ANI report.

A student of humanities at Amity International School Noida, Raksha scored 100 in three subjects — English core, political science and economics — and also managed to score 99 in two subjects — psychology and history. Her aggregate goes to a phenomenal 99.6%. It makes everyone else imagine her as someone who would have stayed buried under books for years. However, her father, Gopal Srinivasan (, who works as chief finance officer in Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, says he never put any pressure on Raksha to perform.

Srinivasan says she started winning awards at a young age and the entire school knew that she was ‘topper material’. “But we never put any kind of pressure on her. In fact, we forced her to take necessary breaks in between study hours. We clearly told her that we don’t have any over the top expectations and she should just give her best without any pressure,” Srinivasan adds.

Bhumi Sawant of Chandigarh scored 99.4 percent in the exams and came in a close second and Aditya Jain and Mannat Luthra, both of them from the same school Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh scored 99.2 percent according to the Indian Express.

Raksha’s mother Ranjni Gopal too says that there was no pressure on her and she was free to make her own choices. “As a home maker, I used to ensure that my daughter gets the necessary sleep and nutrition while she was preparing for boards. There was no pressure from our side and she did not even take any tuitions,” said Ranjni.

That Raksha did not take any tuitions for boards examination, says volumes about the kind of confidence she carries. Her elder sister Prerna, who is in her third year, pursuing bio-chemistry honours from Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University, reveals the special bond between them.

“I am three years elder to her, therefore, it was my responsibility to provide her a supportive environment when she used to prepare for boards. She is a multi-talented person who has many interests and she never felt the need to take tuitions,” said Prerna.

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