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Top Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Top Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World
Written by Shubham Nagar

Top Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Here we are writing Top Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the WorldTop Sexiest Female Dangerous Hacker Ever, Top Sexiest Female Hacker in the World, Sexiest Female Hackers World. Ok Lets start to know about the sexiest female hackers ever. We are going to write names of hacker and some informations to know about that female hacker. Hacking is not illegal, you can do Ethical Hacking to be safe from Cyber Crime

Are you wondering that hacking crimes can be done by males only?? if you are thinking this, then you toatlly wrong because we found some dangerous females hackers who actually done hacking as a big crime. You know hacking is not a crime if you do it in right way but if you break the rules that were made for hacker then  you will suffer. I dont know any rules that were made for hackers, I am saying this only your understand . So, That’s why they suffered and sent to jail for a year or more for hacking & fine, actually they did crime like stealing moeny, hacked personal data etc. Hackers will have knowledge to control whole technical things which are present on this earth.

Top Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

#1 Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina Svechinskaya Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya: Among the 37 people charged yesterday for participating in an Eastern Europe–based bank-hacking scheme in which $3 million was siphoned from bank accounts belonging to small businesses and individuals were four New York college students — “sexy Eastern European coeds,” according to the Daily News, which is gunning to make one of them, a 21-year-old Kristina Svechinskaya, who appeared in court “in calf-high boots and skin-tight jeans,” the next Anna Chapman.

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But is Kristina SEXY enough to become a star? As you can see by her picture, she is very attractive, but her name is a mouthful, and as far as we can tell she doesn’t have a huge Internet presence. And then there’s her crime: According to the feds, Kristina used special software to hack into bank accounts of individuals, skim a little money off of each of them, deposit it into one of five bank accounts she had created for the purposes of laundering said money, then transfer it to the ringleaders of the group. Sexy! However, after all of that, she only stole $35,000, and cried in court. Not sexy. Then again: the name of the software she used? Trojan. Maxim, it’s your call.

#2 Raven Alder

Raven Alder Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Raven Alder is a Senior Security Engineer for IOActive, a consulting firm specializing in network security design and implementation. In her copious spare time, she teaches network security for and checks cryptographic vulnerabilities for the Open Source Vulnerability Database. Raven lives in Seattle, Washington. Raven was a contributor to Nessus Network Auditing.

Ravel Alder is often said to be one of the most gifted and intelligent hackers who is trying to use her education to good use. She was the first female to give a presentation at DefCon, one of the worlds most prestigious gatherings of hackers. She currently helps corporations in protecting their data and other sensitive information. She is a consultant, lecturer and author who deals in hacking and computer security.

#3 Ying Cracker

Ying Cracker Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

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Ying Cracker is one of the most beautiful hacker and an educator from Shanghai, China. She teaches people the basics of how to start hacking; things like changing your IP address or wiping office passwords.

Ying Cracker is a slightly different breed of hackers compared to the rest of the clan. She has never been embroiled in any illegal or unethical work but neither is her work exactly clean either. Ying calls herself an educator and regularly conducts workshops, trainings and classes on hacking. Ying is a hottie, who believes that hacking is a useful skill and tries to teach as many people as possible, the core basics of hacking.

How did she climb the popularity ladder? It was in an online forum “Chinese Hottie Hackers” posting that got Cracker noticed by gawkers on the internet and created a huge fan base for her. One cannot deny the fact that her work is impressive as well. She’s an expert in hacker software writing and charges good money for courses on simple hacking tools, she also charges for helping other people crack software. She charges 500-5000 RMB for helping people to crack any software. This is why she got the last name “Cracker.”

#4 Adeanna Cooke

Adeanna Cooke Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

When a friend of former Playboy model Adeanna Cooke, used her images on internet to make money and to show her in bad light, instead of going to the cyber crime authorities, she hacked the website to retain her dignity. She not only cleared all of her photos but also helped many other girls to come out of similar kind of situations.

Adeanna Cooke hacked a website which was showing her in bad light to retain her dignity. One of her friend used her photos on the Internet to make some money, but before a call to Cyber‐crime authorities, she hacked the website, and removed all the pics. Not  only  she  deleted  her  own  pictures  but  also  removed  the  objectionable  pictures  of  other girls posted there too.

She also helped many girls to come out of similar kind of situations. Adeanna Cooke is a great example of humanity. After this event Cooke was named “Hacker Fairy” and found her calling within the hacking industry.

#5 Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Xiao Tian, ​​became known since the age of 19 years. After forming the China Girl Security Team, one of the largest women’s specialist hacker groups in China. Google has experienced a great attack from Tian and his team. Xiao Tian launched a sophisticated attack on Google China’s infrastructure system. And because it has got a barrage of attacks from the Chinese hackers that made Google withdraw from China.

David Drummond, Google’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, said it found “a very sophisticated attack” originating from China against Google’s infrastructure. “These attacks made us decide to review the feasibility of our business operations in China,” Drummond said on Google’s official blog on January 12, 2010.

#6 Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Johanna Rutkowska says: When I was in middle school, my computer came with a PC (PC AT 286), and it had a monochrome, amber, monitor, and three (!) Color-coded Hercules graphics card, it was not very suitable. For games. Soon, however, Tata bought me a book about programming in BASIC language and so began my adventure with computers.

A few months ago I created a small team at COSEINC, which we dubbed Advanced Malware Labs, who is researching new ways to compromise operating systems and how to combat them.

Of course I can not reveal the details of the current projects – but I can say that we have prepared some surprises for next year, which we intend to present at various conferences next year. And not just about virtualization technology, but also other interesting, in my opinion, things.

#7 Anna Chapman

Anna Champman Hottest & Sexiest Female Hackers in the World

Anna Chapman was born in 23 February, 1982 and was residing in New York when she was arrested on 27 June, 2010. She was arrested under charge of working for Illegal Program spy ring under the external intelligence agency “SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki)” of Russian Federation. She was made guilty for a conspiracy to act as an agent of foreign government without notifying US Attorney General, lost her US citizenship and then deported back to Russia.

After coming back to Russia, she was appointed to the public council of the young guard of United Russia (a Russian political party). According to them, she will educate people. Additionally she was also accused to be a KGB spy in United States.

Chapman has a new career — as a clothes designer. Her range of dresses and handbags, under a label that will bear her name, was launched at a fashion show in Turkey earlier this month and will soon go on sale in Russia.

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