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Hey all of you I am here to give some good & informative contents and aware you from New Technology and More Other things you can on my blog. Today I am writing about Some Mysterious and Weird Youtube Channels.

This information is just to aware you from that channels so you can know and tell this to other’s too. You can share this article to your friends or to person you are sharing this youtube channel names. So, Just Look Below i am pointing some Mysterious Youtube Channels on Internet.

Warning –  This article is for Adults or for 16+ Because information given in this article may distract some readers. Or Frankly i say this article not for kids who is below 16. So, if you are below 16 then please leave this article now. or if you want  to see those videos, First Take Permission from your Parents or Elders. Otherwise I am not Responsible if anything caused to you.

This is my duty to write a warning. So, It’s upto you, You have to read this article or not Thanks :p

List of Mysterious Youtube Channels Available on Internet

These channels are still available on Youtube and getting daily traffic by doing some weird things their channel. Sometime you can’t imagine anyone also can do this work on Youtube. Because youtube is a place we can Upload our Videos and earn money. Some peoples do comedy videos, technology videos, News & Facts and there are many topics available to create a Youtube Channel on it. So, Now Let’s have a look on those Mysterious and Weird Youtube Channels which i told you about

#1 Benjamin BennettSitting and Smiling

This Channel is kinda weird Youtube Channel as you saw the channel name is Bejamin Benett. When you open this channel start playing videos, you will get a man sitting on the floor and smiling for atleast 4 hours. And He is actually doinf Livestream on Youtube that is not a recorded video. He is doing this stuff Live on his channel. I dont know what is the motive of this channel, why he created a channel just for smiling. You can’t believe he receive Upto 100k Traffic or more than this on his videos. He is earning good money by sitting on his home for 4 hrs daily or weekly sometimes. Where other Youtuber’s struggling to get views on their Youtube Channel to get views on their youtube videos. Here you can see this man dedication on youtube too.

I found a video in his channel he was doing a Livestream as regular. Then Suddenly a man comes on the door and try to push the door to get in the house, He called his name and said hello and then gone. if you are going find thid video on his channel then you have scroll deep to get Because its hos Livestream 5 Video Named as Sitting and Smiling #5 or you can search the name there on his channel just copy the words and paste there. or Just click on the name to get into the video. Now If you want see the scene that i was talking then skip the video to 2:36:30 and there you will see. He describe about the scene in description and said

This episode of Sitting and Smiling features a very special guest. About 2.5 hours into the webcast, I hear someone come into the house, which is odd, because my only housemate is at work, and we aren’t expecting anyone. I realize I didn’t check to see if the doors were locked before starting the webcast. I hear the person stealthily moving around the house, and then I hear them stealthily climbing the stairs, towards my room. My door opens, and I hear an unfamiliar male voice say “Hello?”. Then, after presumably seeing me sitting still and smiling in front of a camera, lit from beneath by a florescent bulb, he promptly descends the stairs and exits the house.

As it turns out, the doors were locked, and he had broken one open. We found nothing missing, as there is not really anything of value in the house other than the laptop I was using to webcast.

May be he is


In this Youtube Channel you will find a men is doing wired things. In every video he is dancing and singing (Don’t know what song he is singing). Why any create a youtube channel to do these weird thing. His some videos Age Restricted by Youtube because he doing videos against Youtbe Community Guidelines.

He is Just Dancing and Singing like a mad. Maybe he showing How worse he is in the world or something like that. Otherwise how anyone show this type of things on youtube. One thing is possible that he is doing this type of videos just publicity. But i think an film director may not select him to work as a dancer or a singer :p So, If you want see the videos of this channel link given in his channel name Just click on it and got there and watch What he is doing in those videos.

#3 Cyriak

You can see the name of this channel is weird as his videos.  A man is editing videos like weird means he editing like something weird. You can understand only seeing his videos uploaded on his Youtube channel. There are some effects in videos or something like this. But why any do this type of things or create this type of videos.

May be he is working on projects or sharping his skills on editing videos but why these type of videos only? Still a mystery. You can see he described How these type of videos are possible is his description. And also why the channel videos more and more views. Not only views but millions of views and Subscribers are like a professional Youtuber has. I can’t believe we can also earn by doing weird videos :O If you want see the videos check the channel. Just click on the channel name link is attached there and you will be redirected to Cyriak channel.

# 4 AdamDiddy

This one is also weird and worst Youtube Channel ever i have seen. In the videos a man is doing some weird things with toilet or in the toilet seat. Yes you heard it right in the Toilet seat. He is Pouring Food and Flushing sometime he do some arts on his toilet seat.

Frankly this channel is about to flush anything in the toilet. How anyone can flush anything just for youtube videos. Ok There are also some youtube channels who do weird things like this i.e. Cutting Fish with Melted Iron, Pressing things with High Pressurized Metal etc. But this one is more weird than those channels. May be he have more money or he is doing just for youtube videos. Still a Mystery? if you got more information about these channels then please comment below. Next one is also a weird channel :I

I will add some more Mysterious Youtube Channels Like these all. Subscribe to Email, Push Notifications to get update about new articles Thanks!

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