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[Trick] How to Unblock Blocked Websites Using Google Translate

Written by Shubham Nagar

How to Unblock Blocked Websites Using Google Translate

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Hey Guys How many of you get a website some time which you can’ able to open in your country or state. That is because some ISP (Internet Service Providers) Blocked that website for some reason or Maybe the website owner blocked IP Ranges of that area. But Don’t worry there are many methods to unblock sites easily on PC or Android or on any device. Google Translate will help you in this.

In this article cover How To Unblock Websites Using Google Translate. This one is easiest method to unblock any website which is blocked for your area network. You know There are many VPN or Proxies in the market unblock any sites. But when you go to the sites you will find many irritating ads there. Proxy Sites or VPN takes sometime to manage to get your website unblocked. But Here is a good method of Google Translate to Unblock your Sites Easily.

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Unblock Blocked Websites Using Google Translate

I will tell you How Google Translate Help to open your Blocked Websites. First of all Google Translate can translate any website in your languages that you want. And we will use this Google Translate as a Website Unblocker. This method method will work on any device i.e. Android, PC etc. Without wasting more time learn steps to Unblock Website with Google Translate.

How To Unblock Any Website Using Google Translate?

As you know there are vpn to unblock sites easily. But this trick is very easy to unblock any blocked websites. You are using Google Translate in your daily life but you have no idea you can also unblock any website using google translater. Best thing is this will work on any device. What you have to do is Just Replace your Blocked url with Google Translate links & Its done!!. Just Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, Open your Internet Browser which you have Installed in your Phone or PC

Step 2: Copy and Paste this link your browser


Step 3: Put your blocked url in the end of the Google Translate link & Hit enter or Go. Voila!! Your will see your Website is Translated in English.

Unblock Blocked Links Using Google Translate

Also your site was blocked & You opened it with the simple trick of Google Translate :p

So This was all about How to Use Google Translate to Unblock Blocked Websites. Hope you Guyz Enjoyed this funny & simple trick. Try this open all your blocked urls & also share this article to your friends, So they can know Google Translate is a Website Unblocker also. If you have any doubt or query related to this article or others. Please comment below & i will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for reading the article.

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